Designer furniture – beautiful and practical day-to-day life

The Finnish forest offers ecological and sustainable wood material, from which design furniture is created. The high-quality and aesthetic design of the furniture will last time and look far into the future. The furniture are manufactured using traditional carpentry and modern CNC machining.

Hallway mirror

The hallway mirror includes thoughtful functional features, such as a landing level for small items and a cell phone charging point. The mirror can be chosen made of natural ash or oak, or alternatively stained black.

Hallway table

The hallway table, made of beautiful solid wood, is a convenient landing level or desk. It can be chosen made of natural ash or oak. The table can also be stained black.

Hallway stool

The hallway stool is easy to place in different spaces and beautifully complements the interior. The stool can be chosen made of natural ash or oak or stained black.

Hallway bench

The elegant hallway bench, made of Finnish wood in a workshop, is dimensioned for two people. The bench can be chosen made of natural ash or oak or stained black.

Cazo was born to delight and facilitate people’s day-to-day lives

The idea of establishing a design furniture product family was born in 2020. We wanted to create something of our own and new. Something for people’s homes and public spaces to make our work visible and arouse interest as well as admiration in people. This is what the company’s CEO Miika Määttä says. From the very beginning, it was clear that domestic high-quality materials were selected for the products. People are offered beautiful and durable products, new jobs are created in Finland and Finnish design is taken to the world. The furniture in the Cazo product family have been designed by Thommy Öhman. The round shapes of the furniture, genuine warm wood materials and functional design create furniture with an inviting and friendly touch. “The starting point for the design has been to improve people’s lives”, Öhman says.



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