Cazo’s beautiful hallway furniture and inventive storage solutions

Day-to-day mornings when you are busy rushing to work and school. Afternoon arrivals with shopping bags and hobby equipment. Parties and meetings filled with guests – the hallway should bend to many roles. That is why Cazo wants to offer hallway furniture that makes day-to-day life smooth while caressing all our senses. The warm touch of wood and the feeling of genuine material is a luxury that can withstand even the hardest bumps of day-to-day life from year to year.

Cazo hallway furniture make the entrance inviting and functional. They welcome guests and serve smoothly on hectic day-to-day mornings.

Hallway furniture you do not want out of your sight

We invest in the pretentiousness of the living rooms in our homes, as well as in the placement of the kitchen functions, but of other spaces, unfortunately the hallway receives only a small part of the attention. Above all, we want the hallway to be practical, because we are aware of how much of a functioning hallway is present in a smooth day-to-day life. Practicality still does not have to compromise on beauty. Cazo hallway furniture continues the aesthetic line of your home throughout the entire apartment. Equipped with excellent insights, Cazo furniture takes the function of hallway furniture to a whole new level. A full-body mirror, table, hallway bench and stool offer many possibilities for the entrance. Exactly where you need space-saving, stylish and tangible solutions.

Cazo’s mirror catches the eye

The soft shapes of the Cazo full-body mirror hide a lot of storage space. Keys, sunglasses, mail of the day, dog leash – all the important little things spinning in your feet can be found neatly in their own places. The mood light in the mirror brings warm lighting into the hallway without intense general light. In addition, the furniture offers the possibility of charging with two integrated USB ports and an electrical outlet. The mirror is wall-mounted, so it takes up no floor space at all. In new projects, it is possible to carry the electrification unobtrusively inside the wall.

Side table for small spaces

The design language of the Cazo hallway table continues the soft lines of the mirror. It is designed as a side table in the hallway, but thanks to its dimensions, the table also works conveniently as a desk or as a remote school desk for two children, for example, with detachable drawers. The surface treatment of a wonderful wood surface is available as several different options. Solid wood is extremely durable for life and use – over the years it can be decorated and re-treated over and over again.

Stool and bench for many locations

The finishing touches of the entity are the inviting bench and stool, whose graceful nature and elegant look make them excellent day-to-day helpers. In addition to the hallway, they can be placed in different rooms, if necessary: in the children’s room as a friend’s chair or as a reserve seat for parties. For example, a two-seater bench serves guests at birthday parties at the dinner table! The stool and bench are solid but light enough to move easily.

Cazo hallway furniture is also designed to meet the living needs of the future: by transforming into many functions, conveniently fitting into small spaces and creating sustainable beauty around it, Cazo is already a classic!