Cazo design furniture – appealing in style, suitable for day-to-day life

Cazo design furniture are suitable for homes of many styles. The unpretentiously beautiful design dresses a modern Scandinavian apartment or nicely supports the era typical of an older house. Cazo furniture have excerpts from the design language of a bygone era, so they fit in beautifully with existing furniture. Cazo design furniture are classics of future generations – you can enjoy the values they cherish now and in the future.

Cazo products are alert to trends, relying heavily on traditional craft culture. Our idea is to create beautiful and lasting, truly Nordic products that last for decades of use and please the eye. Items that we can, in good conscience, also leave for the use of our descendants.

Design furniture that bows to the traditional craft tradition

Cazo design is a return to the old, good tradition of crafts while the product family is firmly attached to today, meeting the needs of modern homes. “At the heart of the design is a desire to promote the visibility of solid wood, light and sleek home furniture. Items that were once in every home carved by the village carpenters or the peasants themselves. Organic shapes and a living surface are easy to implement today with CNC technology, and they combine the craft tradition with a modern production method”, says furniture designer Thommy Öhman.

The insights of many details make Cazo products aesthetic saviours of day-to-day life. The hallway no longer has to be the central stage of daily chaos, past which guests are led as quickly as possible. The versatility of Cazo furniture, hidden storage solutions combined with the stunning appearance and durability of wood, connects the hallway harmoniously with the rest of the thoughtful interior of your home. Of course, there is no need to hide the traces of life entirely, but the soothing order and the beautiful living environment also calm our minds in the middle of a hectic rhythm of life.

Durable furniture purchases – an ecological option

Cazo furniture are designed to fit even a scarce space without the impression of congestion. Thanks to their beautiful appearance, they also serve as magnificent eye-catchers in spacious hallways. Despite the solid wood material, the Cazo side table and bench are very easy to move and lifting them out of the way, for example during cleaning, is easy. The Cazo hallway mirror with its storage solutions can be completely attached to the wall, thus taking up as little space as possible, even in compact areas. Cazo’s sleek lines and appropriate design have stripped the products of everything extra. What remains is the core: intelligent design as a beautiful implementation.

Furniture purchases should not be made on a whim or just because of topical phenomena. It is important to look at how the product should serve you not only right now, but also in the coming decades as your life situation and living environment change. We are finally sliding away from a cheap disposable culture towards durable, life-long and respectful solutions. Cazo wants to be part of this far-reaching vision of the future by creating furniture that does not need to be upgraded at a new tightening pace. The genuine materials look timelessly stylish and are extremely resistant to day-to-day use from year to year. As the number of years of use increases, genuine wooden furniture can also be serviced and surface treated several times. The long life cycle of the products makes Cazo design furniture an ecological and economically sensible purchase!